How to transition your skincare to summer

May 2, 2016

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to skincare. It’s even easier to rely on your all time favorite, go-to products that have seen you through the ups and downs of your skin journey. But at Truffles, we’re here to tell you the truth and to give you the skincare tips you need to stay looking your best through every season of life. May in Georgia means it’s high time to begin to transition your skincare routine to keep you looking your best in warmer weather.

Why is it important for you to swap out some of your products when warmer weather arrives? Here’s a few of our top reasons:

Winter is dry, summer brings moisture
The air in winter is cold and dry which means your skin is more susceptible to dryness. Winter forces you to drink water around the clock and pack on the night creams, eye creams, and moisturizers so your skin doesn’t look dull and flaky throughout the season. Summer ushers in a warm breeze of moist air that will stick to your skin to give you the dewy glow that your had to work hard for all winter long. Though it poses challenges when it comes to oiliness and too much shine – most still prefer the kiss of summer than the bite of winter on their skin.

All moisturizers are not created equal
Though you may think your ultra-buttery, super thick and creamy moisturizer is the one that will stay with you throughout the summer months, you may want to reconsider. While skin wants to drink in all the extra moisture it can get throughout the cold months, heat poses new challenges for both your skin and makeup routine. Thicker moisturizer formulas can cause your makeup to appear thick and cakey and can make it crease where you have fine lines. A lighter weight consistency in a moisturizer will be plenty to get your through the summer. You may even want to consider a hydrating serum over the creaminess of a lotion-based moisturizer.

Ditch the foundation for a tinted moisturizer
A tinted moisturizer like Intellishade could be the all-in-one product you’ve been looking for to give your both coverage, moisture and protection throughout the summer months. Tinted moisturizers often have a lighter formulation than a liquid foundation and give you the built-in benefits of SPF. It’s light coverage, light formula and its ability to block sun-damaging rays from wreaking havoc on your skin makes it a perfect summertime coverall to through in your gym bag or beach bag.

Switch out that lotion-based cleanser
When the winter months were approaching, we told you that it would be in the best interest of your skin to switch your cleanser over to a creamy, lotion based formulation. We didn’t want you using a gel in the winter that would be more likely to strip away the remainder of your skin’s natural oils to leave your skin feeling more dry and tight than need be. Well, now that the sun is warming everything up, including your skin, you have probably noticed that you have more excessive oils that leave you feeling a little greasy by the end of the day. A great way to keep those excess oils at bay is by switching your daily cleanser back to the gel-based formulation. If you find that you still have excessive oil leaving your face looking too shiny, invest in some blotting papers and make an appointment to talk to one of our skilled aestheticians to see what other options are available to you.

Sunscreen is a non-negotiable
If you’re still one of those ladies out there who is avoiding sunscreen because 1) it smells funny 2) it makes you breakout 3) it’s just an unnecessary step in my beauty routine 4) you don’t think your skin is being harmed by the sun… we’ve got some news for you: get a sunscreen! There is no reason to skip this incredibly important skincare element, especially when the sun is at it’s highest and hottest in the summer. There is nothing good that can come from exposing your unprotected skin to the sun’s harmful rays for extended periods of time. Dark spots from sun damage is a major complaint of many of our clients, so be wise and do what you can to avoid it at all cost. We offer a wide range of sunscreens formulated specifically for the face that will help you to add it into your morning and afternoon routine without regret. Ask your provider which sunscreen is best suited for you and your lifestyle during your next appointment. Still need convincing? Here’s another blog on it’s extreme importance.

So what are your next steps when it comes to transitioning your skincare regimen to take the warmer weather into account? We would love to hear what you’re using this summer to stay fresh-faces and glowing! Leave comments below to share your thoughts on summer skincare and favorite product purchases with other Truffles patients!