Top 5 Reasons you should have Laser Hair Removal

November 26, 2014

Laser hair removal is the phenomena sweeping across the nation. And you, our lovely and deserving patients, can find it right here at Truffles Medispa! Here are our Top 5 reasons you should have laser hair removal:

1.  Laser hair removal saves you both time and money.

Laser hair removal is permanent, so in the long run it eliminates multiple trips to the spa for waxing, the cost of disposable razors, and other temporary fixes that are used to treat the problem of body hair. By investing in laser hair removal, you save yourself the time and money that you would have spent shaving, waxing, etc.

2.  Laser hair removal (at Truffles) is quick and pain-free.

When Truffles decided to invest in a laser for hair removal, we chose the one that would provide our busy patients with the shortest appointment time and the highest amount of comfort. We chose a high-speed and pain-free laser, and our patients couldn’t be happier. Our laser does not require any topical antiseptic and it reduces the “normal” laser hair treatment time by 75%!

3.  Achieve your smoothest skin possible

When you elect to have laser hair removal, you are essentially eliminating the hairs on that particular part of your body. When you eliminate the hairs themselves, unlike waxing or shaving, you also eliminate the possibility of unsightly razor burn, harsh stubble and ingrown hairs.

4.  Recover your confidence

Laser hair removal helps our patients who are self-conscience about their body hair to gain their confidence back. Whether you are a woman with unwanted facial hair or hair in other undesirable places or a guy who has always been embarrassed over your back or chest hair, Truffles offers laser hair removal as a way to for you to regain your lost confidence.

5.  Laser hair removal is harmless to your skin

Unlike many other forms of removing your unwanted hair, laser hair removal does not damage your skin. When receiving your 6 treatments every 5-6 weeks, there is no reason to fear any type of skin damage or discoloration of the skin before or after treatments.

So what are you waiting for? Call today to set up a consult with one of our highly-trained nurses or aestheticians to talk about laser hair removal treatment!