Seasonal Skin Care Transitions

October 23, 2015

A change of season typically means a change in the way skin behaves. Summer skincare, in comparison with winter, is fairly simple. In the summer you simply cleanse, moisturize, apply SPF and get on with life. But autumn and winter weather is harsh, dry and strips away the dewy glow that came so naturally in the summer. Autumn and looming winter is an excellent time to rethink that relaxed beauty regimen. Follow these tips to easily transition your skincare routine for the colder months ahead.

Switch out your cleanser.

Because the air is more dry in the fall and winter, your skin naturally loses moisture. It is wise to switch from a foaming gel type cleanser (that you use in the summer) to a more gentle, lotion-based cleanser. Truffles offers multiple cleansing lotions and non-drying cleansers for our patients who have dry skin or for those who want a less-harsh wash to use in the fall and winter.

Hydration and more hydration.

Fall and winter can be harsh on your skin. If your skin is dry or you’re concerned about early signs of aging, following your morning and evening cleansing with a serum is a good idea. Serums are able to penetrate the skin faster than some creams and deliver the needed hydrating ingredients directly to the deeper layers of skin. If you have naturally dry skin going into the winter months, you can apply both serum and moisturizer for the best hydration results.

Invest in an eye cream.

Eye cream is another great way to make sure your skin retains the moisture it needs to continue glowing through the fall and winter months. Applying the cream in the morning and night will yield the best results. Truffles offers various eye creams that focus on hydration, reducing dark circles and puffiness, and even some that target fine lines and crow’s feet.

Exfoliation doesn’t stop in the winter.

A simple way to add exfoliation into your skincare routine during colder months is to invest in a retinol. Physically and chemically sloughing off dead skin cells is key to having healthy, smooth skin. Truffles offers various retinol products which will help to dramatically reduce the appearance of brown spots caused by the summer sun, fine lines, and wrinkles. Retinol and prescription retinoids contain proven ingredients for smoothing the overall texture of the skin.


Everyone’s skin is different, there is no miracle formula or set of products that can work wonders for every person who uses it. At the end of the day, your skin care routine has to fit you; your skin type, your age, your climate, all of these factors play a part in choosing the right products for each season and stage of life that you find yourself in. A 33 year old in the midwest in the dead of winter is going to need a different moisturizer than a 56 year old living in Florida in April. There is no one size fits all solution, so take your environment into account and make sure your products are age appropriate.

At the end of the day, skincare routines are a little bit like your closet. Throughout the year and throughout your life, certain clothing pieces need to be thrown out or updated to stay in-trend with who you are, your lifestyle and your environment. If you are not sure what to throw out and what to add in to the “closet” of your beauty regimen, set up a free consult to talk with one of our expert estheticians and let them get your skin prepped and ready to face the winter with confidence.