Only Authentic Botox is used at Truffles

April 12, 2019

You see an incredible promotion offering a very low price for authentic Botox, Juvéderm, or other fillers. It sounds almost too good to be true, and many times it may be. Have you seen in the news recently where Doctors offices and Medical Spas are being shut down? Some providers are even being sent to jail after injecting patients with gray market gray market Botox.

There have been very recent reports of Physicians purchasing injectables that claim to be authentic Botox or other fillers on the gray market in order to offer low prices. This is a scary reality that we want our patients to be aware of. We want to assure our patients that this situation will never be a concern as long as they are receiving their treatments with Truffles.

The gray market often refers to products originally manufactured by an approved company in the United States but are then exported abroad and later are ILLEGALLY imported back into the country. The gray market may also include products that are counterfeit or diluted, rendering them less effective. The illegality of the process creates serious patient safety issues. Gray market products bypass the regulations designed to safeguard the patients who are placing their trust in the hands of their provider.

Some of the dangers of by-passing authorized distribution channels are:

The products are manufactured counterfeit.

Counterfeit products may not be effective, and what’s worse, they may actually be dangerous. A counterfeit product may also contain toxic chemicals. There is very little incentive for a counterfeiter to care about the patient receiving the treatment.

The products may have been manufactured properly but are now expired.

The product may be genuine but has expired and lost it potency leaving the patient disappointed with the results.

The products may have been manufactured properly but are mishandled or not stored properly.

Some products need to avoid excessive sunlight or need to be refrigerated to maintain its potency such as Botox once it is reconstituted. Failure to safeguard the products during the distribution process may decrease the potency and the actual results the patient expects.

The products may have been manufactured properly but are diluted or otherwise compromised.

A product may be diluted so that the patient is receiving less product than expected even though the volume looks correct. Once again, patient results may be disappointing.

Truffles Medispa orders all of our authentic products from authorized distributors and avoids the gray market at all cost. As a Diamond level medispa, we have built strong relationships with the distributors of the products we offer to our patients. Additionally, because of the high-volume of injectable products we are able to purchase from distributors, we receive favorable pricing. Our Black Diamond level pricing allows us to offer reasonable pricing and discounts to our patients. We avoid the gray market not only to ensure our patients utmost safety and satisfaction with their treatment, but also to maintain our patient’s trust which we work hard to earn.

The Truffles Guarantee is in place for a number of reasons, but the primary reason being the safety and satisfaction of our patients. Our Truffles Guarantee states that if you are treated at Truffles, receive the recommended injectable treatment, and you do not see optimal results within two weeks of treatment, you can come back to Truffles for a follow up and you will receive a touch-up treatment free of charge.

An injectable guarantee is a rare find among the south Atlanta medispa community. At Truffles we proudly stand behind ours. The Truffles Guarantee allows you to rest assured knowing we expect optimal results from each treatment, because we only inject our patients with high-quality products that work the way they claim to work.

Patient trust is built upon our authentic Botox and our Truffles guarantee. Botox in Atlanta users, request your free consultation today and experience the quality and value that can only be found at a Black Diamond Medispa.

"Great information. Thanks. That's why I trust Truffles."

- Olga Sanchez,