Micro-Needling: Improve Texture and Tone

July 12, 2016

Have you heard about micro-needling and wondered exactly what is involved and what the benefits are? An up and coming treatment that has been widely accepted by everyone from celebrities to stay-at-home moms, micro-needling has found a wide audience of believers. At Truffles, patients that have their questions answered

How does micro-needling work?

During the needling procedure, tiny, motorized needles create controlled “micro-injuries” in the skin. These micro-injuries trigger the production of collagen and elastin with incredibly minimal epidermal damage. Each needling treatment is administered using a sterile and individually packaged needle cartridge that features a patented silicone sleeve which prevents cross-contamination of the pen. The individualized needles ensure the highest safety for both the provider and patient during treatment. The needling procedure creates superficial micro-channels which allow better the skin to experience better absorption of topical gels, creams, and serums that are applied to the skin post-treatment.

Can’t I buy a roller to use at home?

At Truffles, our licensed aestheticians have been trained to use a motorized, pen-style micro-needling device called the MesoPen. The micro-needling pen is a safer, more effective, and less painful option than an at-home, self-administered roller treatment. Because the needles on an at-home roller are penetrating the skin, shifting, and then exiting at a different angle, many of them are doing much more harm than good to your skin. Roller treatments can result in increased scarring and extreme damage inflicted in the epidermis. However, during a Truffles micro-needling treatment, the needles penetrate straight in and then out of the dermis layer, which is found immediately below the epidermis. By penetrating this deeper layer of skin, the pens micro-injuries encourage the skin to go into immediate healing mode, which stimulates both collagen and elastin production. By doing this repeatedly, over a number of weeks or months, skin discoloration, scarring, wrinkles, etc., can be reduced and in many cases will fade completely.

How many treatments are needed?

Depending on the specific needs of your skin—we highly recommend a series of 4 treatments, each spaced about 4 weeks apart. Some patients can get away with less treatments, if there are less textural and discoloration issues that you’re wanting to alleviate. For those with deeper wrinkles, extreme dark spots, or more obvious scarring, you should plan for 4 or more treatments to see optimal results.

After reading through the benefits and process, do you think micro-needling may be your next step toward more even textured and toned skin? Lucky for you, we have a three-session series on special throughout the month of July!

"How much is the treatment? Can you have it done after Botox ?"

- Amanda Dodd,

"Hello Amanda, thank you for reaching out. Give us a call at 770-460-2000 and we can give you an exact price quote and answer any additional questions you may have."

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