Botox: What You Need to Know Before Your First Treatment

May 1, 2019

Are you still on the fence when it comes to banishing fine lines by using Botox? Sure, you’ve seen your friends get it and they’ve come out with natural-looking, wrinkle-erasing results, but what if you don’t end up so lucky? What if you walk out looking like one of those frozen-faced celebrities that everyone laughs about and makes fun of? If you’ve had a similar internal conversation with yourself, this blog post is for you. We want to take a serious look at Botox to see how safe and effective it really is, and why you should choose to get your treatments administered by a trained professional.

How safe is Botox?

Botox is the most common cosmetic procedure in the United States. Along with many of the other FDA approved facial fillers, Botox has been proven to be incredibly safe and carries with it a low chance of minor side-effects. The minor associated side-effects, like bruising, lumpiness, or discoloration at the injection site have been found to occur in less than 1% of patients treated (so your odds are great!).

How does Botox work?

Botox treats the signs of aging that include forehead wrinkles, frown-lines, crows feet, and more. The staff at Truffles is trained in advanced injectable techniques such as eyebrow lifts, upper lip line reduction, and treatment of “bunny lines” on the sides of your nose when smiling. 

How often do I have to be treated?

Botox treatments typically last anywhere between three to four months. Depending on the strength of your facial muscles and the severity of the lines you are working to keep at bay. When you come in and get treated, Dr. Feldman or your Nurse Injector will instruct you on the numbers of months apart that you should schedule your Botox treatments apart.

How much do Botox treatments cost?

The price can range anywhere from $12/unit to $9/unit or less. At Truffles, the majority of our patients enjoy $9.99/unit pricing. If you happen to see an advertisement for Botox at $8/unit or lower, it may be a deal that is truly too good to be true. Check out a previous blog post to read more on the issue of authentic Botox. At Truffles, we work to keep your Botox treatments affordable by offering consistent discounts through the Brilliant Distinctions programThrough Allergan’s point system, each treatment (over 20 units) earns you points that translate into a coupon for your next visit. Brilliant Distinctions also offers points on purchases of SkinMedica products, Voluma, Juvederm, and Latisse. We also offer our first time Botox patients a special price ($8.99/unit) on their first Truffles treatment. Our Diamond Club Members are also able to enjoy a dollar off of each Botox unit they receive in addition to any Brilliant Distinctions coupons they may have.

Still need more convincing and want to read a first hand story from an honest Botox first-timer? Check out this Elle article and get an idea of how your first treatment may go (and how friends might react!). Better yet, share your Botox experience with us using #beautyrefined or on our Successes page.

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