Botox: Treating Depression while Erasing Wrinkles?

November 11, 2014

In a recent article by the Washington Post, researchers have found a strong connection between Botox and the brain. A physician found that some of his patients whose brows he had treated to remove their wrinkles also began to feel relief from their depression symptoms.

Afterward, three small-scale studies were published in an attempt to show the validity to the claim that Botox may help those who suffer from the crippling symptoms of depression. In the latest study, the article explains that 10 of 33 patients experienced better than 50 percent reductions in their depression symptoms. Among that same sample group, 27 percent saw their depression go into remission.

Because Botox has also been deemed a very safe facial treatment option in another recent article, there is reason to believe that after a few more trials, Botox may be a forerunner in the depression-treatment arena.

All studies aside, let’s just be honest for a moment. Ladies and gents, who among us wouldn’t feel less depressed if our wrinkles were erased? Botox is not only a wrinkle-eraser but also a mood-booster, and the recent studies are simply affirming what Truffles has believed all along: Less wrinkles lead to more smiles, more smiles lead to a happier and more radiant you!